Raccoon Robbers


Juego divertido en el que somos unos mapaches muy traviesos y buscamos el mejor botín en la basura.

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2 a 4  jugadores 20 a 30 min 8+ años

Wild raccoons lay siege to the city! In the game Racoon Robbers, the racoons are roaming around looking for food. Skillfully they climb up houses, and vault into the backyard with a brave leap. There, the boss of the gang, “Don Racoon”, is already waiting. He has only one goal in mind: The golden trash can! Immediately the raccoons start jostling and shoving for all it‘s worth – as we all know, food is where friendship stops.

In Racoon Robbers, players and their raccoon boss try to be the first to reach the golden trash can. To do so, they climb up the 3D houses with their raccoons by using cards. For risky jumps, points are awarded, which can be used to move the raccoon boss. But be careful, as cute as raccoons look, when they get the chance, they push the opposing raccoons out of the way without hesitation. All the better if this causes other raccoons to tumble down with them and clear the way.