Epic Encounter Hive of the Ghoul-kin


Caja con miniaturas y libro de aventura compatibles con 5e

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2+   jugadores 30+ min 14+ años

Enfrenta a come-carnes en en este Epic Encounter.

Los Ghouls están buscando cadáveres frescos desde su guarida subterránea, no hay ningpun cementerio tranquilo en este continente.

Los más ricos y determinados han decidido crear proteccions de acero, pero ni siquiera eso detendrá a los Ghouls por mucho tiempo, tienen garras capaces de atravesar el duro acero. Más vale que tomes los escritos oscuros en serio para poder conocer más sobre los Ghouls.

Dentro de esta caja encontrarás todo lo necesario para desafiar al ghoul-kin, incluyendo 15 miniaturas detalladas y un libro de aventura con información suficiente para apoyar tu imaginación.

Confront formidable, flesh-eating foes with this Epic Encounters warband box!

Ghouls teem in the darkness, stealing up from their subterranean kingdom to filch corpses wherever they can find them. There’s not an undisturbed graveyard to be found on the continent.

The most wealthy, and most determined not to be molested in their eternal sleep, invest in steel caskets. Even this does not stop the ghouls for long — how could it? Their brood-sire simply breeds a ghoul with claws capable of shearing through steel. If you take the words of a bizarre book seriously, of course. But such a thing would explain much about the ghouls…

Didn’t you ever wonder why so many dead are taken from their graves? True, it’s easier to pretend otherwise. But the thefts are getting more frequent, and more noticeable. And now, the living are being taken down into the hive. Of course, they’re no longer living by the time they get there. Do you dare venture into a terrifying subterranean realm to confront the ghoul-kin?

Inside this warband box is everything you need to challenge the ghoul-kin, including 15 highly detailed minis and an adventure book woven with information to fuel your imagination.